Is This a Duck Blind?

If your duck blind has a staircase, bathroom, electricity, poker table, kitchen, or a WiFi hotspot, it is not a duck blind, it is an apartment. I was not born with a truck load of flocked decoys in my driveway, therefore the first apartment that my wife and I shared had fewer square feet than some blinds I have had the privilege of occupying. I am sure the local tax authorities will be looking for you to reassess your property and add a permanent structure to their tax rolls.   

I have heard stories, and fortunately not been a part of this generation, that hunted out of old pickle barrels buried on a mound of dirt in public hunting areas.  Imagine crawling into one of those after a two inch rain the night before. 

Duck blinds have taken on a personality all of their own. I’m sure there have been arguments that ended close to fist fights about installing flaps or using camo material to cover the front opening. And then there’s the bench vs. chair argument that will also raise blood pressures. Ever set down in a blind that had chairs from a movie theatre? Don’t knock it until you try it. 

Gadgets for the blind are also a great conversation piece. Everybody needs light immediately after crawling in first thing in the morning and battery powered light switches are just the answer. No more fumbling through your blind bag looking for a light, calls, shells, or breakfast.

These light switches have changed the game for us in the duck blind. Click on the image to check current pricing on Amazon.

Another handy little gadget is a gun holder. I’m almost positive the inventor of this little piece of heaven did not have shotguns in a duck blind in mind when he came up with the idea. When a dog unexpectedly runs through the blind or a young gun trips on his way over to his breakfast plate, you will be thankful you have your gun in one of these. They are a cheap and easy way to keep everyone safer.

These have save us damage to our guns and also keep our blind safe. Click the image to check current pricing on Amazon.

Blinds are starting to look more and more like a childhood fort, but with an adult’s budget. What are some of the “must haves” in your duck blind?

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