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Duck-Tracker is brought to you by two brothers that grew up in the Golden Triangle of Missouri chasing waterfowl. Additionally, Duck-Tracker is a product of many hours spent in the duck blind asking, “Where are the ducks?”. 

We spend countless hours each week to provide you with the most accurate and up to date duck migration data for the Mississippi Flyway. Duck Tracker is our way of helping you FIND THE DUCKS!

Ty Figg


Chief of Statistical Data

VP of client relations

My obsession with waterfowl began at an early age when my father, uncles, and grandpa would take me along in the duck blind. From hunting at the old Duck Lake, to public land, and to chasing big honkers on the river, I have spent more than 10 years chasing waterfowl. During the offseason, I enjoy dove and turkey hunting as well as fly fishing for trout.

Waterfowl hunting has allowed me to meet many great outdoorsmen and create relationships with people that share the same passion as I do. With that, each of us all seem to arrive at the same question each season, “Where do you think the ducks are?” I enjoy pairing my obsession for waterfowl hunting with statistics to create a resource waterfowl hunters can utilize.

Travis Figg



VP of marketing

My passion for chasing greenheads started over 25 years ago. Before I could even carry a gun, my dad, grandpa, and uncles would let me tag along to the old Duck Lake each weekend. They probably didn’t know it at that time, but it would be the start of what some may call an “obsession”. 

Hunting at that old Duck Luck taught me several important things about duck hunting, not the least of which was patience. You see, our Duck Lake could be good a few times each season, but a lot of time was spent staring at blue sky. Eventually, conversation in the duck blind would turn to, “Where do you think the ducks are? Are they still all North of us, or have they already all moved South for the year?” Looking back, I think it was those conversations and debates that led to my infatuation with duck migrations. 

Ty and I spend countless hours to keep Duck Tracker up to date and accurate, and our hope is that it helps you find the ducks throughout the season.

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Migration maps

Visual updates of duck count changes throughout the flyway and heat maps showing the highest density of duck areas.